Ronik Polytechnic charges students to make positive impacts

The management of Ronik Polytechnic, Lagos, has urged her new students to be agents of change in the society.

Speaking at the school’s matriculation ceremony, the Chairman of Council, Ronik Polytechnic, Dr. Moses Olubunmi Ajayi, reminded the students of the social, economic, political and educational hurdles that are currently facing the nation.

Disclosing that the United States Transparency International Standard (USTIS) awarded the school the best private Polytechnic in Nigeria, he said the feat became possible with the efforts of the leadership and vision of the school authority.

Ajayi, however, warned that the school has zero tolerance for cultism and hooliganism.

“We put in place the best tradition of molding our youths and training them for learning and character. As you become one of us, remember the children of whom you are. Anything short of this you will incur the wrath of the school authority,” he added.

The Rector, Mrs. Juliana Atoye, stressed that the coast is clear for all the new students to excel academically.

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  • Augustine Felix

    Can I gain admission into HND without post one year industrial training experience? Because I bagged my diploma from university.

    How much is the tuition fee as well?

    • Ronik Admin

      Please contact the admission office directly on 08058058421, 08083154006 or visit us at our main campus.

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