Our History

RONIK Polytechnic is committed to excellent services and Total Quality Training, generating appreciable returns to the stakeholders: Customers delight, employees’ satisfaction, high moral standard, safety consciousness and excellent community relationship as the bedrock of our growth in the production of responsible future leaders.
The philosophy of the Institution is to foster technical academic excellence at producing self-sufficient practical - oriented individuals in highly stimulating environment devoid of discrimination. This is well articulated in the Institution’s motto “Technology for Self Reliance”. The core of the philosophy is a humanistic concern for the technological upliftment of the country. It is believed that when people are adequately equipped they will be self-reliant. Such people are assets to the country. They will be able to help themselves and others.
The goals of the Institution include: Providing opportunities for willing people to acquire sound knowledge and skills that will enable them realize their potentials and be self-reliant. Such people will be able to function very effectively in the prevailing technological era. The Institution is organized in a way that promotes and ensures positive achievements. It also promotes qualitative external relationship by reaching out to others through publications and consultancy services. Outstanding achievements by both staff and students are encouraged and rewarded in order to ensure that Ronik Polytechnic becomes the most outstanding in learning. The Polytechnic shall endeavour to make use of all of its resources, Departmental programmes and facilities for services to the surrounding communities, all the states in the federation and to any organization that may require them. The Polytechnic shall not in any way discriminate on the basis of sex, religion, ethnic origin and nationality in its employment and admission policies. There shall be equal opportunity for all employees and students to achieve their maximum potentials. Ronik Polytechnic seeks to always maintain high standard of excellence for the purpose of its programmes and research. In order to achieve this noble goal, the Polytechnic will continue from time to time to evaluate its programmes, personnel and upgrade its teaching, learning and research facilities. Toward this end, the Polytechnic expects maximum loyalty, dedication and faithfulness from all and sundry so that the above goals of the Polytechnic are achieved.
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